Good day, Dr. Larose,

About a decade ago, my physician recommended vascular surgery to remove a saphenous vein in each leg, as these were the source of varicose veins that had me worried.

Such issues are commonplace in my family, and after having seen my grandmother suffer from varicose ulcers, I was convinced that prevention was the way to go. Therefore, I set out to have the insufficient vein in my right leg removed. The procedure was done under local anaesthetic, but I felt a pinch the moment the vein was removed. Throughout the following days, I felt relatively intense pain, which I thought would subside over time.

However, two weeks later, the pain became increasingly intense until it became unbearable. An infection forced me to return to the hospital, where I was put on intravenous antibiotics. A drain was also installed, and I was finally able to recover from this surgery. Needless to say, I put aside any thought of having my left leg’s saphenous vein removed!

Last year, I was referred to you and we discussed laser surgery. You convinced me and did the procedure in December 2011. There was no pain, no complications and today the vein is completely gone. I am completely satisfied by this experience and comparing it to my previous one is like night and day. I’m thrilled by these results, and can now focus on the injections that will eliminate my varicose veins.

Thank you!

Louise Tremblay
Brossard (Québec)

Hello! I’m currently undergoing treatments at Dr. Pierre Larose’s clinic. I am very satisfied with the hospitality and care I’ve received, as both the personnel and the results are top notch. What a great decision!

Denise Lessard

I am a personal trainer. Between 1995 and 1998, I won 2 important bodybuilding competitions: Mister Montreal and the Canadian Championship. While preparing for these shows, I noticed a snake-like vein that started to grow on my right leg: from my groin area down to my tibia. It was very long and not very aesthetic.

One day, I banged my right tibia against a machine and had many complications for 3 months, until I meet Dr. Larose. Today, my right leg looks perfect, there is no more snake-like vein and my tibia is completely healed. Dr. Larose successfully removed the vein and gave me a second chance in my sport.

Thank you Dr. Larose for your great work and giving me a second chance.

Paul Wright

Laser surgery… no more painful than a visit to the dentist. Which treatment would be best for my varicose disorder? Vein stripping or laser sclerosis? After a little research, I chose laser surgery.

This type of surgery is much cleaner and nicer than stripping. As an OR nurse, I really noticed the difference. Dr. Larose, a conscientious, skilled surgeon, performed the surgery with the utmost ability.

After numbing the skin, he explains the process step-by-step, and it’s over before you know it.

A few Advils between the third and sixth day post-surgery and four walks per day are a very small price to pay to get rid of vein sclerosis symptoms.

I am amazed that I didn’t feel anything during surgery. I’m also extremely happy with the results, as the tingling, itching and burning sensation in my leg has completely disappeared.

I am very pleased to have opted for endo-laser treatment. If you can afford it, don’t be afraid, it’s no worse than going to the dentist...

Louise Gendron
OR Nurse